தமிழ் வர்மக்கலை

Tamil varmakkalai

About LockFist

LockFist offers short time courses with maximum ability, in the technique a trainer can handle group of enemies at any stage. Aasan dragon t jayraj has divided his training into six divisions and offers training in six stages in lock fist. There are no kattas as in karate and each stages are awarded with green stage, blue stage, brown stage, black stage, red stage & golden stage respectively. All the six stages of training would be completed within a span of 18 months.

A trainee who completes 18 months of training would be a better winner of lock fist techniques. Lock fist student would be a better performer than any other martial arts student.

In each of the stages aasan dragon t jayraj gives 27 types of practices with most advanced 9 techniques per stage. In advanced stage aasan dragon t jayraj gives a special training in lotus meditation which enables the learner to have the balanced state of mind.

During lock fist training students sound jai which enable them to aggravate the inner power. Aasan dragon t jayraj awards completion certificates in each of the stage.

Special Features

Absolutely there is no KATTA form in Lock Fist, as like Karate, Kung-Fu and taekwondo

You can become a Master in Black belt by getting simple training for 12 months and can train others

Become a Black belt master in 30 days by training 3 hours a day

You can teach this art individually after getting first level black belt. Lock Fist Academy wont interfere in anyways and it wont be a barrier in the free movement of the trainees

While taking classes individually, an advance fee of Rs. 550 and monthly fee of Rs. 300 is suggested to collect from the students. But, the trainees can collect a nominal fee as per their wish. No need to pay the fee amount collected from students to Lock Fist Academy.

The trainees can operate their centre to teach Lock Fist in the name of their own Whim & Fancy

No need to get permission from Lock Fist academy for giving belt test and award belts. But, an amount of Rs. 1500 (per belt) need to be paid for JaiVarmam Trust each time you award belt to students.

By remitting Rs. 1500, certificates will be awarded to the students with the Rubber Stamp Seal of "Jai Varmam Trust" and the signature of Grand Master Dragon T Jayraj

Belt Details


Special Training


By sparing 3 hours per day for 30 days, you can become a Lock Fist Master from the very next day

By this special training, you can get the first level Black Belt and conduct training centre in any locality you like for the improvement of Lock Fist art. This will help you in improving your financial position.

For these 30 days, the above mentioned feeincludes Uniform, Belt and Certficate

Outsiders need to arrange for their boarding and lodging at their own risk.

Referee Course

Once the LockFist trainee completes his 1st level Black Belt, he is eligible for Refee training. Refree training will be given by Grand Master Dragon T Jayraj. A Fee of Rs. 1500 will be collected for issueing refree certificates.

Once the LockFist trainee completes 1st level Black Belt, he can teach this Art independently(under any name). Dragon LockFist Academy wont interfere in this activity.