தமிழ் வர்மக்கலை

Tamil varmakkalai

Adavu Varmam


Varmam Theraphy

Aasan Dragon T Jayraj treats Hip joint pains, Spine and Disc prolapse problems, neck pain, hand and leg joint pains without any surgery. He prepares special variety of herbal oil which is a fast curing one for external application.

Through his specialized Varmakkalai massage and Varma sparisa he executes treatment for breathing problems, cough, asthma & wheezing, all nervous disorders, sprains etc.

According to the age of aliment treatment is given in four stages i.e.

Nine days Treatment
Eighteen days Treatment
Twenty seven days Treatment and
Forty one days Treatment


Padumithi Varmam


Varmam Certificate Courses

Aasan Dragon T Jayraj Offers short term Diploma courses and issues certificate under Jai Varmam Trust.

Diploma and certificate courses are conducted for short time duration for 9 days to 30 days and in all short time courses he teaches Varma in stage by stage according to the taste of individuals concern. Apart from this Jai Varmam Trust also teaches freely, desired courses to the poor on various varma techniques.

Jai Varmam Trust through Aasan Dragon T Jayraj conducts free medical camps in his clinic for which he mobilizes funds from generous contribution of rich in the society. Kindly do the needful for the noble cause and surveillance of Tamil Varmakkalai.